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DJ SODA, CUTE AND SEXY DJ FROM KOREA – DJ Soda embarked on a journey to becoming a world-class DJ in 2013, after giving up her musical acting to focus on becoming a DJ. Her background in stage performances aided her signature dance move ‘The Flute Dance’, which instantly went viral and accumulated millions of views on social network sites. DJ Soda is capable of mesmerising the audience by mixing different genres of music with a variety of Hip-Hop classics and constantly communicating with the audience by energising them with her enigmatic personality.

Name: Hwang So-Hee

Hangul: 황소희

Born: June 12, 1986

Birthplace: South Korea

Height: 170 cm

Blood Type: A



Dj Soda 43 -

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Dj Soda 01 -

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